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What's Going on?

  • 30% of Grade 3 students lack basic literacy skills.1
  • Many schools in economically disadvantaged communities in Canada can only afford 1 new library book a year for every 3 children.2
  • Children who struggle with literacy are four times more likely to drop out of high school.3
  • Teachers spend $200 million out-of-pocket each year on books and learning materials.4
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How can we help?

  • Every child needs access to new and engaging books to inspire a love of reading and to develop the literacy skills that are critical for educational success.
  • Due to insufficient funding for high-needs elementary school libraries, many children cannot access these books.
  • The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation is equipping teachers, librarians and principals with the books and resources that are critical for promoting educational success and inspiring a love of reading in their students.
  • Together, we’re inspiring a love of reading in students from high-needs schools across Canada.
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Your Support!

When you donate to the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation, you are helping to improve childhood literacy in Canada.

Thanks to the generosity of Indigo and its partners, every dollar you donate goes directly to high-needs elementary schools and all the schools we support get a 30% discount on books at Indigo.


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