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Books are important to me because it is like I’m entering a whole new world of imagination. They let my mind go wild!

Ricky, Grade 6

Do you believe passionately in a world where all children have access to books, and where schools have adequate resources to encourage and stimulate a love of reading in their students?

Do you think your government has a responsibility to provide enough funds to our schools so that the children have books to read?

We think so too. We encourage you to add your voice to our petition and tell the government how you feel about the literacy crisis affecting our schools.

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Or you may want to contact your government (pdf file, 40KB) directly. Pick up the phone and call your government representatives, send them an e-mail or send a letter. Tell them our schools need more money for books, that our most vulnerable children are suffering and that this needs to change! The more often our government hears that their commitment to child literacy is inadequate, the more likely they are to do something about it.

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The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation is a registered charitable organization established in 2004
to help provide new books and learning materials to Canadian elementary schools in need.