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October 09, 2015Dear sir ,Madame ,I im looking to find a way to find raise

Dear sir ,Madame ,I am not sure if Iam wright to contact you peapel here but i want to raise money to safe a concept for 10 light workers peapel involved in a horrebel fight .I am corect in this adress to fund raise for my concern .Thank you in advance for your replay .

February 21, 2015D. Rogers

1. I object to being asked at the checkout to donate. 2. I was surprised to learn that there are conditions attached to your grants to schools. 3. Children can love to read books not purchased by schools from Indigo / Chapters 4. Shocked that recipient schools, buying in bulk, have to pay you full retail prices for books Conclusion: Love of Reading Foundation isn't all it's cracked up to be. My warm fuzzy feeling towards your Love To Read Foundation is gone.

February 20, 2015FYI

Just watched the marketplace story about your Love of Books foundation it's good to know that the schools that win the money have to buy the books at retail price at your store, i found this very insightful.

November 17, 2014Libbie

How can we nominate a school in our area?

October 04, 2014KDF

Hi, I notice that you only fund elementary schools (which is a tad frustrating, as many adolescents struggle with literacy and access to books). I am a teacher/librarian at a grade 7-12 school . . . would we be able to apply for our middle years program?

October 02, 2014Your Name

December 11, 2013Robin

Our 2014 grant application is out! If you're a school interested in applying for our Literacy Fund grant, please click here to download the application:

June 28, 2013fiona mary cassells

June 08, 2013john d leaman

I live in another country but Moncton N.B. Canada will allways be my home.

June 08, 2013Lucy Ravinsky

February 03, 2013Sharon Tracy

Wonderful program So glad to see Queen Victoria Public School on the list. Understand they are going from up to grade 6 to up to grade 8. So could really use funds for new books. A relative has just put this information up on Facebook. My daughter brought this wonderful program to our attention and I'm so glad she did. Something that I would definitely support during my next visits to Chapters

November 19, 2012Joanne simpson

I am a grade two teacher in a small K- 12 rural school in Bentley, Alberta. Would Indigo provide free books to our school? Please share information with me so that I can proceed with this request. Thank you. Joanne Simpson Bentley School Bentley, Alberta T0C 0J0 403-341-4153 ext 4369

October 15, 2012Laura M

I do not see the 2013 application form anywhere, the link is still for the 2012 grant. Can you please post the link for the 2013 grant. Thanks.

October 11, 2012Krista Maddock

How do we get on the list to apply for this grant?

July 10, 2012Robin

Hi Kathleen, the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation was established to address the underfunding of Canadian elementary school libraries and our focus is on children's literacy. Therefore, the Literacy Fund grant is intended for provincially funded schools that serve grades JK-8.

July 04, 2012Kathleen MacKillop

SD 75 in Mission BC is leading the Province with Middle Schools being included in the high schools. We are entering our 2nd year, as a member of the PAC this has created quite a strain on our school Library to host books that cater from 11 year olds to 18 year olds and we are in desperate need to increase our reading selection as the "wait list" for reading material is sometimes weeks if not months long. How can we apply for the Indigo/Chapters Foundation Grant?

June 16, 2012Fiona Mary Cassells

June 14, 2012Roberta Baskier

About the time Betty Gibson school in Brandon, Mb got word they had been accepted for the $60,000 grant for books I became a volunteer in the library. I was given the pleasure of processing all the books to get them shelf ready. How great it was to witness the excitement among the teachers and students. How rich we all felt! as the library was full of life and joy. Thank-you for this great program

June 14, 2012Jennifer

Hi Linda, the schools on this map are high-needs elementary schools that received the Literacy Fund grant since 2005. Perhaps your school was part of our Adopt a School program?

June 14, 2012linda

I was wondering why only certain schools was on your list ,my school Pioneer Public school isn't on your list

June 13, 2012Wayne Wyke

What a difference it has made for our community. Students are excited about reading new books. Their is something magical about cracking open a brand new book and experiencing the excitement it brings.

June 13, 2012Robin

Sheila, the application form for the 2013 grant will be available on this website starting in September.

June 13, 2012Merril Dean

I just replayed the announcement of Weledeh Catholic School getting Indigo LOR funding in 2007. Listening to the interview brought tears to my eyes. I am no longer at Weledeh, but as I go into the school I look around and still see how the LOR grant changed the school. Books are everywhere. Reading and talking about reading is important and the school continues to focus on improving reading skills and enjoyment. There is no doubt that the LOR grant made a huge difference for our school.

June 13, 2012Judy Toews

I just finished listening to the day Prince Charles received the wonderful call from Indigo - I can hardly believe that was 4 years ago. We are still very appreciative of receiving this generous gift. We increased the number of books in classrooms and the library along with being able to give books to children to take home. Thank you Indigo for continuing to spread the Love of Reading to so many children!

June 13, 2012Stephanie Argent

We have just finished our Year 3 of the Love of Reading Grant. After such a whirlwind of book choosing and buying we are now able to fully enjoy the books! The teachers have been using great resources and classroom books for the past 3 years, and their collections are certainly being well used by the students. But now in the library I am getting to assimilate all those great stories and research books into our library program. You will be amazed at the difference these books will make with your reading programs, and the delight the students have when they find a new book. Congratulations to all the new Indigo Love of Reading Schools.

June 13, 2012Sheila Stewart

How do we apply?

June 13, 2012Jennifer

Wow, the Parkdale, Toronto video is amazing!

The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation is a registered charitable organization established in 2004
to help provide new books and learning materials to Canadian elementary schools in need.