Writing on the Wall

Today’s under-literate students are doomed to become tomorrow’s underclass, without the knowledge or self-esteem necessary to thrive in a competitive society.

Heather Reisman, CEO of Indigo Books & Music Inc.

Almost half of all Canadians have trouble with day-to-day reading tasks.

Too many Canadian children are failing standard reading tests. Yet many of our schools can’t even afford to buy one new book, per student, per year.

As the federal government invests in library resources for third world countries, our provincial governments continue to slash book budgets in our own elementary schools 1.

Writing on the Wall was commissioned by the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation and explores the literacy crisis unfolding in Canada’s classrooms. Complete with shocking statistics of children’s literacy skills and the impact on their – and Canada’s - future, this groundbreaking film follows two high-needs elementary schools as they prepare their submission for an Indigo Love of Reading Foundation grant to rebuild their dying libraries.

Writing on the Wall is a moving film with an important message that needs to be heard by all Canadians.

  1. Source: Dr. Ken Haycock, "The Crisis in Canada`s School Libraries," June 2003 
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